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Kriesels Shipbroker B.V. can deliver virtually any type of ship imaginable, so in principle there is always a solution available for the transport demands of the customer. It is also possible to have ships built entirely custom-made at various shipyards inland and abroad.


Thanks to the constant innovation in design, shipyards are able to provide shippers/owners with a competitive edge by delivering speed, economical operating costs, and extra capacity for tanker and container ships without increasing the external dimensions.

Kriesels Shipbroker B.V. is able to make excellent pricing comparisons for its customers because it works with different shipyards.

Kriesels Shipbroker B.V. supplies ships for both inland shipping and maritime shipping. The inland ships are available in all sizes, and satisfy all the standards imposed by the various classification bureaus.

The following wide selection of ship types are available for inland shipping:

Double-hulled cargo ships
Double-hulled chemical tankers
Double-hulled bunker tankers
Gas tankers

Container and freight ships
Bunker ships

Push barges
Push and tug boats
Crane ships
Self-propelled work ships

Various types of ships can also be supplied for maritime shipping:

Multipurpose dry cargo ships
Oil and chemical tankers
Container ships

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