The services of Kriesels Shipbroker B.V.

The range of services offered by Kriesels Shipbroker B.V. includes the preparation of an advisory report, asking price determination, sales strategy and presentation (photos 360 degrees and film) of your ship. After we have inspected the ship to be sold together with you, we can give you a target price for your ship. Together with you we determine the asking price.

Sales Support

The range of services provided by Kriesels Shipbroker B.V. includes drawing up advisory reports concerning the asking price, sales strategy, and the presentation of your ship. After we have inspected the ship to be sold together, we can assess the recommended price for your ship. We will set the asking price together with you. Once you have decided on an asking price for your ship, the ship and all its specifications will be placed on Kriesels Shipbroker B.V. website, and if necessary, advertisements will be placed in trade magazines as well. We will then take care of all the viewing arrangements with potential buyers and provide the necessary sales support. If a potential buyer shows a concrete interest, we will be glad to advise you about the negotiation strategy to be adopted. Once a sale has been agreed, we will arrange for the execution of the sales agreement with a civil law notary. In other words, we will take care of the entire process before, during, and after the execution of the sales agreement.


When a ship is sold, a brokerage fee will be charged based on the actual sales price. Depending on the price category and the market demand, we charge 0.5% to 10.0%, excluding VAT, with a minimum of € 7.500,= per object.


Kriesels Shipbroker B.V. has many years of experience working with national and international transport (inland shipping) (from Rotterdam to the Black Sea and from Gdansk to Marseille) as a shipping charterer/disponent for the transport of various types of goods, such as superstructures, dry cargo, construction elements, tanks, packaged goods, transformers, as well as liquid cargo, etc. These goods are transported to and from the Netherlands to a wide range of countries. If a customer wants to transport goods from Basel to Rotterdam, we can handle the whole transport chain right up to Rotterdam, including the transshipment.

New businesses

Kriesels Shipbroker B.V. has helped several new ship owners to start up their business in recent years. This approach has proved very successful with enthusiastic, positively-minded captains who want to have their own ship. Kriesels Shipbroker B.V. will support you every step of the way when you purchase your own ship. As soon as we know what your needs are, Kriesels Shipbroker B.V. will try to find the right ship for you. If you need financial support, we will try to assist you in that area as well.

The following types of ships are available for inland shipping:

Push and tug boats
Container and freight ships
Bunker ships
Double-hulled chemical tankers
Double-hulled bunker tankers

The following types of ships are available for maritime shipping:

Multipurpose dry cargo ships
Oil and chemical tankers
Container ships

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